DB2/400 PHP Demo

DB2/400 PHP Demo

Welcome to the DB2/400 Linux, PHP, and ODBC demo. This set of web pages showcases iSeries DB2/400, Linux, PHP, and ODBC all working together.

Starting in V5R1, a sample employee information database was shipped with OS/400. This application accesses the data stored in that database using an Apache web server, running in a Linux partition on an iSeries system, and using the iSeries ODBC driver to retrieve data.


The setup for this demo is fairly simple. You need:

  • A system running PHP, probably under the Apache web server.
  • PHP must be have unixODBC support compiled in.
  • The iSeries unixODBC driver must be installed.

If all of the above is true, the following link should work to start the demo:


Note that the more your browser supports cascading style sheets, the better this demo will look. IE5.5 looks good, Mozilla looks good, Netscape 4.7 doesn't look so good.

Note that at the bottom of each page is a link that will show you the source for the page.